Month Left

I have a month left.  I’ve had a lot happen in the past few weeks and haven’t written about them.  Taken my GRE, taking my GMAT next week, stayed with a couple in Cornwall, and more.  A lot is coming down the pipeline, as I am graduating in May.  Just trying to figure everything out.  Not sure what is next but excited at the opportunities.  I’ve really enjoyed my time in London and Europe though am excited to return to New York.  It really is a great place to live.

Fall break.

My fall break. Well, mostly London.  Some Dublin next weekend.  Had other plans, but decided against them for…reasons.   Using this week to work on grad school applications, apparently I’ve already missed some deadlines.  I have my GRE next week and GMAT in December.  So, let us see how this develops!  

Ok, these clearly don’t all need to be uploaded.  But, it is the internet.  And I’m more concerned with sharing and saving my photos than with being selective and looking like a talented photographer.  There are going to be some that look like repeats.  It is mountains.  And one building.  I really like them.



NYU Senior in London for Fall 2013.